Norbert Lengyel

Preferred Name: Norbi

Communication Secretary

In Hungary, in 1900, Aladárné Szabó first founded a children's association. Aladár Szabó, dr. Theological teachers István Kecskeméthy and others founded the Bethany Association in 1903 and applied for its inclusion in the CE World Federation. The Bethany Society, although these pastors played a decisive role in its formation, it was basically always a lay movement. He tried to introduce the methods typical of the CE movement (evangelism, conferences, quiet days, Bible lessons, Sunday school work, personal care, etc.) to us as well. The purpose of the Society is to practice Christian merciful love and to flourish the true Christian life. By accepting the members' dedication to service, the Lord used them to form awakening hotspots (Szabolcs, Borsod, Southern Hungary, Budapest, and the surrounding area). Spiritual awakening unfolded most strongly in the late 1940s. The effect of this was that the Protestant churches did not wither during the years of dictatorship, and many of the younger generation have since come to faith. In 1950, under political pressure, the Bethany Association was disbanded. 1990.márc. As of 31 December, it was re-registered as a social organization under the name of the Bethany CE Association as the legal successor of the Bethany Association and was re-admitted to the CE World Federation that same year. The Metropolitan Court classified the Bethany CE Association as a non-profit organization as of January 1, 1998.